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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Land of the Free"

Are we Americans truely living in the "Land of the Free"?

If your reading this, no doubt you've seen the news broadcast about, Troy Anthony Davis. Troy Davis is scheduled to receive the Death Penalty by lethal injection today. Troy is accused of killing a Georgia police officer and has been on Death Row for the last 19 years. He was convicted even though there was no physical evidence against him like, fingerprints and DNA. He was solely convicted on witness testimony, of which 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted their testimony. The witnesses who recanted stated they did not actually see Davis commit the crime or that they were made to lie by police in Georgia, under oath. Now after numerous attempts to appeal this Death Penalty, the Courts are saying Mr. Davis did not prove his innocence. smh!

I thought it was "Innocent until proven Guilty" here in the U.S.A.? This is a total reversal of that ideal. I can't believe they didn't give him a new trial based on the new evidence. This is absolutely mad and is proof of an unjust judicial system.

That's my opinion. What are your thoughts on this subject?